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X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, purged an unknown number of prominent accounts over the last 24 hours with little to no explanation, and then restored the accounts minutes after this article was published. The list includes popular accounts belonging to journalists, writers, and podcasters. Among them are Ken Klippenstein of the Intercept, writer and podcaster Rob Rousseau, Texas Observer correspondent Steven Monacelli, the account for TrueAnon, a left-wing politics and news podcast, and a number of others. One thing the accounts have in common is recent criticisms of the Israeli government. – Thomas Germain Read More

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Twitter, now known as X, recently removed a number of high-profile accounts without explanation and then restored them shortly after. These accounts belong to journalists, writers, and podcasters, including Ken Klippenstein, Rob Rousseau, Steven Monacelli, and the TrueAnon podcast. One common factor among these accounts is their recent criticism of the Israeli government. This action by X has raised concerns about censorship and freedom of speech on the platform.