It’s the end of an era for X, the app formerly known as Twitter. Users can now hide their likes, so long as the pay Elon Musk’s website $8 per month.

Premium users now have the option to hide their likes on X via a setting under profile customization, Techcrunch first reported.

“Your Likes tab on your profile will only be visible to you. Your Likes timeline will also be hidden from the X APIs. Your individual Likes will still be visible on posts,” the feature description reads, the tech news site noted.

Users have long been able to see what other folks have liked on Twitter. That fact has proven fertile ground for controversy because, well, people seemed to forget that folks could see what they had liked. Remember when Republican Sen. Ted Cruz liked a pornographic tweet? He’s far from the only person to step in it that way. Just this year, a Chicago mayoral candidate came under fire for his account liking controversial tweets about “stop and frisk” as well as racist language. Yet another politician this year — a Kentucky Republican sponsoring a bill to create a book-banning process in public schools — had public likes of pornographic materials.

Folks will never have to blame these instances on hacks ever again. All they have to do is pay Musk a few bucks and like to their heart’s desire.

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The article discusses a new feature on the app formerly known as Twitter, now called X, where users can hide their likes for a monthly fee of $8 on Elon Musk’s website. Premium users have the option to hide their likes on X through a setting under profile customization. The article also mentions that the users’ likes will only be visible to them on their profile and will be hidden from the X APIs, but will still be visible on individual posts. The article highlights the controversy surrounding the visibility of users’ likes on Twitter and provides examples of politicians and public figures who faced backlash for their liked tweets. The article concludes by stating that users can now avoid blaming instances of liked tweets on hacks by paying a fee to hide their likes on X.