The Verge:

“Yes, the windshield wiper does appear to be one gigantic piece.”

The mystery of the Cybertruck wiper continues: Verge pal Patrick George went and looked at a Cybertruck in the Tesla Manhattan showroom, and he thinks the wiper is all one piece, not two. Lots of fun photos in his story, too. I guess we’ll find out on Thursday at the launch event, unless someone actually picks the wiper up and looks first.

I repeat: The Verge remains America’s number one source of Cybertruck wiper news, and it’s all thanks to readers bold enough to pick up the wiper on a stranger’s truck.

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MuskWire TLDR:

According to an article from The Verge, the mystery surrounding the windshield wiper of the Tesla Cybertruck continues. Patrick George, a writer for The Verge, had the opportunity to examine the Cybertruck in the Tesla Manhattan showroom, and he believes that the wiper is one large piece rather than two separate ones. The article includes several photos that add to the intrigue. However, the true answer to this mystery will likely be revealed at the launch event on Thursday, unless someone manages to physically pick up the wiper and examine it beforehand. The Verge humorously asserts that they are the top source for Cybertruck wiper news, thanks to their readers who have been daring enough to touch the wiper on a stranger’s truck.