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My oh my, what a year it’s been. After several months of back-and-forth between billionaire and tech tycoon Elon Musk and social media company Twitter, the former officially took over as owner of the platform one year ago on Oct. 26, 2022.

We said goodbye to verification and hello to paid verification. We said adios to Twitter and hello to X. Some of us bid adieu to Twitter altogether and said hello to Meta’s platform clone Threads. As we approach the first birthday of Musk’s Twitter, plenty of newsworthy events have happened—most of them bad. As such, we can take a look at 12 of the worst moments (and four honorable mentions) in the last year of Twitter under Musk’s tutelage.

Please note: This article will henceforth refer to the platform as Twitter because X is a stupid name.

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In the past year, Elon Musk took over as the owner of Twitter. During this time, there have been several significant changes to the platform. Verification was replaced with paid verification, and the platform itself was renamed as X. Some users even switched to Meta’s platform clone, Threads, instead. However, many newsworthy events have occurred, and most of them have been negative. As we approach the first anniversary of Musk’s ownership, this article highlights the 12 worst moments and four honorable mentions that have occurred under his leadership. It is important to note that the article refers to the platform as Twitter, as the name X is considered to be a poor choice.