Tesla has added a Model 3 Performance sweepstakes to its referral program in order to boost incentives at the end of the quarter.

After relaunching its owner’s referral program earlier this year, Tesla has been gradually updating it.

Referrers and buyers earn credits when referring buyers and when the buyers use referral links. Those Tesla credits can be redeemed for free Supercharger miles, items in its online store, and entries in a Cybertruck raffle.

Over the last few months, Tesla has adjusted the rewards on both sides. It used the program to offer more discounts and benefits to new buyers, and it has increased and decreased the number of credits referrers get per referral.

The automaker has also gradually added new awards that can be acquired by exchanging credits.

The most notable one has been an invite to the upcoming Cybertruck delivery event. Last week, we reported on Tesla adding factory tours as awards.

Now Tesla has added a new “Model 3 Performance Sweepstakes” in the referral program:

Tesla was already offering a Cybertruck sweepstakes for 500 credits per entry. With the release of the Model 3 Performance Sweepstakes, which is 1,000 credits per entry, Tesla has also doubled the credit cost for Cybertruck entries.

Unlike with the Cybertruck sweepstakes, Tesla gives a date for the drawing of the Model 3 – October 6.

It’s unclear if it will be a new Model 3 Highland, which is not yet available in the US, but it doesn’t look like it based on the picture.

Electrek’s Take

Tesla appears to be boosting incentives at the end of the quarter. The Cybertruck sweepstakes might not have been as successful since it’s not in production yet.

While it is about to be in production, it is still seen as vaporware for me.

The Model 3 Performance is more tangible.

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MuskWire TLDR:

Tesla has added a Model 3 Performance sweepstakes to its referral program as a way to increase incentives at the end of the quarter. The referral program allows referrers and buyers to earn credits, which can be redeemed for various rewards such as free Supercharger miles, items from the online store, and entries into a Cybertruck raffle. Tesla has been updating and adjusting the program over the past few months, adding new awards and benefits. The new Model 3 Performance Sweepstakes requires 1,000 credits per entry, while the Cybertruck sweepstakes now costs 500 credits per entry. The drawing for the Model 3 Performance will take place on October 6. Tesla’s move to offer a Model 3 Performance sweepstakes suggests a focus on boosting sales and incentives at the end of the quarter.