Tesla has told employees to communicate to buyers that there’s no Model Y refresh coming this year.

After the Model 3 refresh launched last year, there have been many rumors about a Model Y refresh to follow.

It started last year with a Reuters report that claimed Tesla was planning a Model Y refresh called Juniper to come out in 2024.

More recently, a Bloomberg report added that Tesla planned to release a Model Y refresh in “mid-2024”.

The reports have led buyers to often ask Tesla about whether or not there’s a refresh of Model Y coming before they go ahead with their purchase, as Tesla now feels the need to squash the rumors.

Tesla has sent new “talking points” to its sales staff to let them know there’s “no refresh for Model Y launching this year”:

We heard your feedback that some customers are waiting to place their Model Y order as they anticipate a refresh similar to Model 3. It is important that we communicate transparently that there is no refresh for Model Y launching this year.

Teslascope obtained the full note sent to staff:

Tesla sales employees are often kept in the dark about product updates, but now the automaker is obviously incentivized to make it clear there’s no update coming, which encourages people to pull the trigger now.

Electrek’s Take

There are a few things that might be happening here. The reports from Bloomberg and Reuters might have been completely wrong.

It’s a possibility, but Tesla could also be stretching the truth. In the past, Tesla has had difficulties calling updates to its vehicles “refreshes”. The automaker is known not to use new “model year” vehicle updates like most automakers do. Instead, Tesla incorporates vehicle upgrades into its manufacturing whenever it is ready to do so.

Therefore, it’s possible that Tesla is planning significant upgrades to the Model Y this year, but it doesn’t consider that they add up to a “refresh”.

But again, the report could also be wrong. Who knows?

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MuskWire TLDR:

Tesla has informed its employees to clarify to customers that there will be no Model Y refresh this year. There have been rumors circulating about a potential Model Y refresh following the launch of the Model 3 refresh last year. Reports from Reuters and Bloomberg previously suggested that Tesla had plans for a Model Y refresh called Juniper to be released in 2024 or mid-2024, respectively. These rumors have led buyers to inquire about the possibility of a refresh before making their purchase. In response, Tesla has sent new instructions to its sales staff stating that there will be no refresh for the Model Y this year. Tesla sales employees are typically not informed about product updates but are now being encouraged to clarify that no update is planned to encourage customers to make their purchase now. It is unclear whether the reports of a Model Y refresh were incorrect or if Tesla is simply not considering the upgrades as a “refresh.”