Tesla Cybertruck options and accessories have leaked through a mobile app update revealing a ‘Basecamp’ tent, solar option, and new “Beast mode”.

We are just a day away from getting all the details about the Cybertruck direct from Tesla, but a leak is now giving us some details ahead of time.

The leak is coming through an update to Tesla’s mobile app in order to integrate Cybertruck into it. X user Tesla_App_iOS, who compiles changes to Tesla’s iOS app, found the tidbits of information.

First off, we get to see one of the first accessories Tesla plans to sell with the Cybertruck: it’s called “Basecapmp”.

Tesla leaked the name and 3D renders of the tent system that fits in the back of the electric pickup truck:

According to the information in the app, it will come with a matress.

The app also makes mention of a “Beat Mode”, which appears to be some kind of “Ludicrous” or “Plaid” mode, but for the Cybertruck.

The leak included a render of the mode:

The app leak also reveals the official two options for wheels the Cybertruck – standard on the left and premium on the right:

However, the app doesn’t include a look at the wheels without the wheel covers.

The app leak also appears to confirm that the lightbar, which has sometimes being seen at the top of some Cybertruck prototypes, will indeed be optional.

Finally, the app also makes reference to “Cybertruck solar”.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk did previously said that Tesla plans to offer a tonneau cover with solar cells embedded into it. It looks like this confirms that the option is indeed coming.

We should have all the details tomorrow afternoon when Tesla will hold a delivery event for the Cybertruck.

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MuskWire TLDR:

A leak through an update to Tesla’s mobile app has revealed some details about the options and accessories available for the upcoming Cybertruck. The leak, discovered by a user who compiles changes to Tesla’s iOS app, includes information about a tent system called “Basecamp” that fits in the back of the electric pickup truck. The app also mentions a new mode called “Beast Mode,” which is similar to the “Ludicrous” or “Plaid” mode found in other Tesla vehicles. The leak includes renders of both the tent system and the Beast Mode. Additionally, the app reveals two options for wheels, standard and premium, but does not show the wheels without the wheel covers. It also confirms that the lightbar, seen on some Cybertruck prototypes, will be optional. Finally, the leak references “Cybertruck solar,” confirming previous statements from Tesla CEO Elon Musk about a tonneau cover with embedded solar cells. More details about the Cybertruck will be revealed at Tesla’s delivery event tomorrow.