In 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled a bizarre, angular vehicle like no other—the Cybertruck. Today the company will make its first deliveries of the electric truck, two years after they were initially promised.

At 3 pm ET (12 pm PT) on Thursday Tesla will livestream a delivery event from Austin, Texas. Come back to this page to follow along with WIRED’s live blog of the event.

The Cybertruck is late partly due to the coronavirus pandemic but also by the significant technical and manufacturing challenges posed by its unique design. Auto designers usually avoid straight lines because they’re difficult to pull off and the vehicle’s body is made from tough stainless steel, a difficult material to work with not typically used in this way.

Early in 2022, an internal Tesla engineering report said that a preproduction version of the Cybertruck has major problems with its suspension, body, sealing, noise levels, handling, and braking, according to a version leaked to the German publication Handelsblatt and reviewed by WIRED.

Tesla has made changes since then, and stoked excitement by testing Cybertrucks in public in the US. Those enraptured, repelled, or just plain confused by the vehicle’s design have rushed to share sightings on social media. Today the world should get to at last see the Cybertruck’s final, finished form.

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Tesla is finally delivering its highly anticipated Cybertruck, two years after it was initially promised. The electric truck, which was unveiled by CEO Elon Musk in 2019, features a unique angular design and is made from tough stainless steel, posing significant technical and manufacturing challenges. The delay in production was partly due to the coronavirus pandemic and issues with the vehicle’s suspension, body, sealing, noise levels, handling, and braking. However, Tesla has made changes and conducted public testing of the Cybertruck to generate excitement. The company will livestream the delivery event from Austin, Texas, allowing the world to finally see the finished form of the Cybertruck.