Tesla has greatly expanded Supercharger access for non-Tesla EVs in Australia, with now most of the network being opened to everyone.

Over the last two years, Tesla has been working to open its Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles.

In Europe, Tesla has already opened hundreds of stations in most countries it operates in. It gradually added more countries to what it calls a “pilot program” for non-Tesla EVs on its Supercharger network and has added more stations.

In North America, the program has been limited since it is dependent on deploying its “Magic Dock” at Supercharger stations. Only a handful of stations are now opened in the US.

Earlier this year, Tesla opened a handful of stations to non-Tesla EVs in Australia as part of a “pilot program.”

Today, the automaker greatly expanded the program to most Superchargers in the country.

Here’s a comparison of the map of all Tesla Superchargers in Australia (bottom) and those opened to non-Tesla EVs:

EV owners simply need to download the Tesla app and add a payment method to use the Superchargers.

They can also pay a $10 per month membership fee to get lower per kWh costs at the charging stations.

Tesla’s Supercharger map might look a bit sparse in Australia, but the country’s population is greatly concentrated on the coasts and therefore, the automaker’s roughly 50 Superchargers covers travel between all of the major population centers.

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MuskWire TLDR:

Tesla has expanded its Supercharger network in Australia to allow access for non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs). Over the past two years, Tesla has been working on opening up its Supercharger network to EVs from other brands. This move has already been implemented in Europe, where hundreds of Supercharger stations have been opened in most countries where Tesla operates. The company has gradually added more countries to its pilot program for non-Tesla EVs, and it has now added more stations to the network. However, in North America, the program has been limited due to the deployment of the “Magic Dock” at Supercharger stations, resulting in only a few stations being opened to non-Tesla EVs in the US. In Australia, Tesla introduced a pilot program earlier this year, which has now been significantly expanded to include most Superchargers in the country. EV owners can use the Superchargers by downloading the Tesla app and adding a payment method. They also have the option to pay a monthly membership fee of $10, which grants them lower per kilowatt-hour costs at the charging stations. Although the Supercharger map in Australia may appear sparse, Tesla’s roughly 50 Superchargers cover travel between all major population centers in the country, which are mainly concentrated on the coasts.