Tesla has signed a deal with Choice Hotels International to bring chargers to thousands of additional hotels.

Over the last year, Tesla has become increasingly dominant in the charging space. It’s not like it wasn’t already, but with NACS, its own charge connector, becoming the standard in North America, and the release of its Universal Wall Connector, it is now extremely dominant.

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector is now becoming the top option for commercial level 2 installations as it can serve all EV owners now and it is future-proof for when everyone moves to NACS.

Tesla started to secure deals, like one to deploy 20,000 Universal Wall Connectors at Hilton hotels.

Today, Tesla has secured another charging deal with a hotel chain: Choice Hotels International.

Choice Hotels announced in a press release:

Choice Hotels International (NYSE: CHH), one of the world’s largest hotel franchisors, announced today an agreement with Tesla to offer Tesla Universal Wall Connectors to participating Radisson, Cambria, Comfort, Country Inn & Suites, Quality Inn and other Choice-branded hotels across the U.S. 

Dominic Dragisich, Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Global Brand Officer for Choice Hotels International, commented on the announcement:

“This agreement with Tesla allows our brands to further stand out by increasing access to EV charging for guests and potentially drive incremental topline revenue for hotel owners. At Choice, we are focused on ensuring owners and operators of our hotel brands are set up to benefit from strategic agreements that drive booking consideration and value.”

They didn’t specify how many Tesla charging stations are going to be deployed through the deal, but they mentioned four or more chargers per hotel, and they operate over 7,500 hotels.

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MuskWire TLDR:

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla has entered into a partnership with Choice Hotels International to install Tesla charging stations at participating hotels. As Tesla continues to dominate the EV charging space, this deal adds to its growing list of collaborations. The agreement allows Tesla to offer its Universal Wall Connectors to a range of Choice-branded hotels across the United States. While the exact number of charging stations to be deployed has not been specified, Choice Hotels operates over 7,500 hotels and intends to install at least four chargers per hotel. This collaboration aims to increase access to EV charging for hotel guests and potentially drive additional revenue for hotel owners.