Tesla is only going to deliver 10 Cybertrucks at the upcoming delivery event, according to a company executive.

After a lot of anticipation, years of waiting, and some delays, Tesla is finally going to deliver the Cybertruck at an event on November 30th.

We have been suspecting that Tesla would only deliver the electric pickup truck to employees and company insiders since it has yet to announce specs and pricing for the production version of the vehicle.

It was also never clear how many Cybertruck Tesla was prepared to deliver at the event.

Some have been clinging to the hope that the automaker could quickly deliver large numbers of Cybertruck, as many have been spotted being produced at Gigafactory Texas in the last few months.

However, CEO Elon Musk has warned to temper expectations when it comes to Cybertruck production.

Now, we have another Tesla executive chiming in.

Tesla product design director Javier Verdura commented on the Cybertruck launch at a conference in Monterrey, Mexico, today.

The longtime Tesla design executive said about the Cybertruck delivery event (via Milenio):

“We are going to deliver the first 10.”

That number might be low to some, but it’s not unusual for Tesla at a production launch event based on past vehicle programs.

The automaker is expected to ramp up production from there.

Musk has previously stated that he expects it would take Tesla about 18 months to get the Cybertruck to a production of 5,000 units per week. That would put the volume production goal in 2025.

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MuskWire TLDR:

According to a Tesla executive, the company is planning to deliver only 10 Cybertrucks at the upcoming delivery event. The event, scheduled for November 30th, has been highly anticipated, with many wondering if the electric pickup truck would be available to the general public or limited to employees and insiders. Tesla has yet to announce the specifications and pricing for the production version of the Cybertruck, adding to the uncertainty around the event. While some had hoped for a large number of deliveries, recent comments from CEO Elon Musk have tempered expectations for Cybertruck production. Tesla product design director Javier Verdura confirmed the delivery of the first 10 Cybertrucks at a conference in Mexico. While this number may seem low, it is not uncommon for Tesla to start with a small volume at production launch events. The automaker is expected to gradually ramp up production, with Musk previously stating that it would take about 18 months to reach a production volume of 5,000 units per week by 2025.