If you tried clicking a link on X and got redirected to an error page with spilled ice cream, you’re not alone. It seems that the platform’s legacy shortlink redirection tool,, is broken.

In owner Elon Musk’s effort to completely rebrand every last bit of Twitter to X, maybe the T in the URL was too close to Twitter? I’d guess that the shortlink system is switching over to, but this domain name seems to be available (for almost a million dollars…), and shockingly is not yet a porn site.

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Or, more likely, X might just be breaking again. How many different ways have we seen the platform crap out after the majority of its staff was laid off? There was the time when a group of journalists were personally banned for sharing links to ElonJet, a bot tracking publicly available data about Musk’s private jet, but the platform was so broken that these journalists were still able to join a Twitter Space, which Musk and his friend Jason Calacanis joined. There were strong words exchanged. The next day, Twitter Spaces was temporarily disabled. Then, was also the time when non-paid, legacy verified accounts could briefly regain their blue check by editing their bio.

Also, since you can’t see headlines in link previews on X anymore, this basically means that we have no idea what anyone is talking about right now. But when have we ever trulyknown what people are talking about online?

We’re sure they’ll fix this eventually, but for now, enjoy the sad image of fallen ice cream.

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MuskWire TLDR:

The article discusses an issue with the shortlink redirection tool on a platform referred to as “X” (presumably Twitter). Users have reported being redirected to an error page with an image of spilled ice cream when clicking on links. The platform’s legacy shortlink redirection tool,, seems to be broken. The author speculates that the issue might be related to the platform’s rebranding efforts, as owner Elon Musk is trying to rename every aspect of Twitter to “X.” It is suggested that the shortlink system might be transitioning to, a domain name that is surprisingly not yet a porn site and is available for purchase at a high price. The article also mentions previous instances of the platform experiencing technical difficulties, such as when journalists were banned for sharing links to Elon Musk’s private jet tracking account, resulting in temporary disabling of Twitter Spaces. Additionally, non-paid legacy verified accounts briefly regained their blue checkmark by editing their bio. The article concludes by expressing uncertainty about the current topics being discussed on the platform due to the inability to see headlines in link previews. However, it is expected that the issue will eventually be resolved.